Saturday, November 23, 2013

Credit Is Due

I like consuming images. I enjoy looking at things and sometimes not having to think to hard about where they come from, who made them, or what they mean. This kind of image consumption doesn't sustain me for long, but I understand the impulse to look at pleasing or pretty things and not have to analyze why it works or what's going on. When I want to scroll through images curated by other people I turn primarily to two websites: pinterest and tumblr. Both are visual echo-chambers in which popular images are "repinned" or "reblogged" by others. This means an image picked up by a popular blogger can get a lot of eyeballs on it, or impressions. This could be great exposure for the people who make the images, except that most pinners and tumblrs don't credit their images. Often, I assume, because the source where they find the images has not credit the photographer/designer/artist/maker. And so all the hype around a provocative or pleasing image doesn't benefit the work or page hits of the image-maker. It's lazy and a disservice to people who make their living creating said images. This is a losing battle, but I don't repin or reblog images for which I cannot find a author/artist/designer/source and I'd like to ask you to join me in this. So there you are, a small rant for the weekend. And back to work.

If you're so inspired, you can download a higher-resolution version of this file here.