Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Worthy: 2

In June I had the opportunity to travel to Poland (and briefly to Berlin) for a printmaking exchange with students at the Art Academies in Poznań and Wrocław. It was not an especially productive trip in terms of making work, but it was profoundly inspiring in terms of art heroes. In addition to the hyper-talented students with whom we stayed (among them Ania Czuż, Agata Gertchen, and Marcin Szewczyk...with more coming to visit Knoxville this fall) we were fortunate enough to visit the printshop wonderland of Keystone Editions in Berlin.

Keystone Editions is the print home of Sarah Dudley und Ulrich Kühle, two Tamarind-trained printers who wandered the (printmedia) globe gleaning tips and tricks for setting up a functioning printshop. Their travels and observations have paid off, in addition to good light and exciting editions, Keystone has some damn fine feng shui. It made me wish I had a couple more years of school left so I could come intern with them and live in Berlin...

So here, I salute the worthy and well-planned efforts of Printmakers Sarah Dudley und Ulrich Kühle. Long may they and Keystone Editions live. And if you're heading to Berlin (or have deep pockets to purchase art) look them up here.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Worthy: 1

I've been admittedly slack about ye olde bloggery, but I don't think anyone is losing sleep over it. Onward and upward and outward now.

In honor of getting back in the game and things that are great (summer, swimming, reading, the public library, etc.) I bring you People Worthy of Praise, No. 1 (of many?), Molly Adams.

I met Molly in college and soon recognized her superior style, intellect, and ability to put-an-assclown-in-his-or-her-place. She now produces radio for Vocalo.org in Chicago and maintains and maddeningly interesting tumblr feed. Seems like every time I go there all I want to to is reiterate and repost the interesting stuff she's found. I especially appreciate her for keeping me updated on contemporary feminism.

So there you are, Molly Adams, worthy of praise. Alright now.