Monday, July 28, 2014

Really Big Prints

On Friday my print collaborators (Johanna Winters & Don Krumpos) finally printed our big wood block. We started carving earlier this summer and drove down to UW Manitowoc to ink it up and print on big sheets of paper and fabric with a steamroller.

We met a great group of fellow printmakers and lucked out with very little rain.

Beaucoup des process photos below.

Johanna and Don stand on the jig to keep it from slipping out.
Candice rolls up her beautiful block.
Katherine's block at rest.
Annica the steamrolling queen with Katherine and Candice of Missouri. 

In front, Chicken Pot Pie, by S.V. Medaris, printmaker and poultry farmer.
Berel Lutsky, one of the hosts of Really Big Prints
Our crew: Don, Dayna, and Johanna.  
The lovely Victoria of Austin, TX was a great help with our printing.
Final print on Kitakata with women for scale. 

We pose in the gestures of our saints.