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Semi-Annual Update

Hello, hello. Below is my semi-annual update in which I detail in one place some of my exhibitions and projects of the past year. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you got the a slightly different version in your inbox. (A link to subscribe is at the bottom of this post.) The newsletter included a link to my 2016 catalog of current work for sale which you should probably click on right now before everything gets sold. 

Visitors to the MOTHOLOGY exhibit St. Norbert College's Baer Gallery

Summer and Fall
Through an ART WORKS grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, St. Norbert College was able to host artist-duo PlantBot Genetics (Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki) for a three-week residency. During that time I helped the artists stage their Moth Project in and around Green Bay. A culminating exhibition, MOTHOLOGY, at SNC broke the previous attendance record set by an exhibition of Packers' Super Bowl rings. We also produced a Green Bay-specific Pollinators Guide which you can download for free or pay to print here.

The St. Norbert College Magazine ran a nice feature on the Land Scouts. You can read it here.

I made a screenprint of muscular female thighs for an Exquisite Corpse show at the Hardy Gallery in Ephraim, WI.

I worked on a second illustration for Bruce Tonn and Dori Stiefel's article featuring Willow Pond, an imagined typical American subdivision converted to be more self-sustaining. Sadly the publisher (MIT!) decided to go with in-house illustrations for consistency.

Illustration showing the various sustainable technologies of the imagined Willow Pond subdivision


In an effort to keep up with drawing and creative work while on family leave from work I took on a practice of daily drawing (#dailydrawing on Instagram) and organized a collaborative mail art project: Plywood by Post. The process of shipping our drawings to one another has been more complicated than anticipated, but it's been nice to receive an unexpected drawing and prompt to studio work every month (or so). The daily drawing practice has been similarly helpful and sporadic.

I had my seed ball piece accepted to the Wisconsin Biennial, an exhibit sponsored by Wisconsin Visual Artists at the beautiful Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend.

Baby Crazy: Double Self Portrait, mixed media on mylar, 2015
I was invited to participate in Candice Corgan's portfolio exchange The Wanderlust Matrix: A Long Distance Relationship. Unique to this portfolio was that all the participating artists made drawings and sent them to Corgan, then at the Tamarind Institute, who processed and printed the drawings.

Mosaic Art Inc. invited me to help jury the submissions to their annual Artstreet festival. I was reminded by the experience that good presentation matters as much as, if not more than, the work itself.  My drawing Baby Crazy: Double Self Portrait (above) was accepted into the Neville Museum's 71st Art Annual.

I was invited to be part of the panel of jurors who curated the Hardy Gallery's 55th Annual Juried Art Exhibit in Ephraim, WI. My friends and artists Don Krumpos and Johanna Winters invited me to show my Costumes to Save Your Life at their new Jabberwock Gallery in Algoma, WI. This body of work comes from my grad school days and I enjoyed revisiting the pieces and seeing them newly inhabited by gallery visitors there.

In July we kicked off ReallyBIGPRINTS!! and welcomed printmakers from all over to Manitowoc for four days of large scale relief printing. You can watch some vines (i.e. short videos) from the event here.

Detail from Taraxacum officinale, my "really big print" from this year.

The school year began and my colleagues April Beiswenger, Shan Bryan-Hanson and I debuted Fashion This, an exhibition and lecture series about sustainable fashion. The really-big-print I printed in 2014 with Don Krumpos and Johanna Winters was accepted into a show at the Fe Gallery in Sacramento, CA and my seed ball piece and Land Scouts Guide Book were accepted into Atypical Topographies at the Cylode Snook Gallery at Adams State University in Alamosa, CO. I had a solo show of the WERKBOOTS project at the Donald P. Taylor Gallery at Silver Lake College in Manitowoc, WI and got to work with students there making low-resolution paper prototype boots.

And now it's November and you're up to date with my professional goings on. I'd love to hear how you're doing, what you're making, and how you plan to fight the good fight in 2017. Lastly, if you've not already signed up, please consider subscribing to my semi-annual newsletter by plugging in your information below.

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